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johanv.xyz, my chill website

Hi, I'm Johan Vandegriff, and this is johanv.xyz: my new, awesome, spectacular, and chill website! Here's a random interesting fact about me:

My Mom tells me that when I was 18 months old, I put a 20-piece puzzle together really fast. Guess you could say I'm a prodigy, no big deal.


This is a drawing I made of the Erasable Inc. improv group at the University of Maryland (UMD) after their 24-hour show.

Draing of the Erasable Inc Improv Group at UMD and Friends

For this drawing and others, I used the free and open source drawing software Krita, a Wacom tablet, and a Manjaro Linux laptop. I've also made some drawings on physical media.

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This video is for a propsed research project for Gemstone at UMD. I ended up joining another project instead, but I still have the initial version and plan to make it into a product someday.

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You can play Boggle, a multiplayer word game, talk to CARL, a chatbot that learns phrases from you, or play some of my old games written in perl.

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Here's a snippet from a quintessential blog post of mine:

Log.e() – Tales from the electron Volts

An account follows of the myriad of adventures I have had with the electronVolts. My aim is that the narrative shall be as accurate as possible and will serve useful in reference during future events.

Saturday, October 1, 2016

We were visited by a band of rookies. They do not perceive the insurmountable tasks that lie ahead of them. I attempted to affright them by disclosing to them the monster that is The Code, but alas, they took an interest in this beast. I fear there is no way to warn them; their days ahead appear grim.

The Great Git attacked our code today. I researched its weaknesses in the Archives of Google and found individuals who were in a similar predicament. Armed with this knowledge, we were able to send it howling back from whence it came.

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NASA GSFC Internship

summer 2017

me with my internship mentors and poster

I fixed bugs in C code for NASA’s core Flight System by writing unit tests on a CentOS Linux virtual machine (using VirtualBox). To help write unit tests, I wrote some bash scripts to generate skeleton functions, then filled them in manually with code to test each case. At the end of the summer, I created a poster and presented it at a lab-wide showcase day.

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picture of me

Feel free to contact me, I have multiple ways to get in touch securely. You can also follow me on Mastodon or find me at any of the other links on the right sidebar of this page.